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Happy and prosperous Tibetan New Year 2149

March 3, 2022

Happy and prosperous Tibetan New Year 2149

“The Water-Tiger year is accomplished through the fortune of the two accumulations.

This ever-moving existence, the flower of the four elements

Being transformed by time: mounting into the Male-Water-Tiger –

May auspiciousness be with you in this newly blossomed year!”

On behalf of the office of Karmapa International Buddhist Institute, we wish you all a happy and prosperous Tibetan New Year.

KIBI auspiciously celebrated Losar by offering a mandala and Khatag (ceremonial scarves). Following the advice of His Holiness, we then began a seven-day recitation of Samantabhadra’s King of Aspiration Prayers, the Manjushri Namasangiti, the Kamchu Nagpo, and the White Mahakala puja.

May this year of the Water-Tiger bring an abundance of good health, harmony, integrity, and limitless fulfillment to all sentient beings.

Finally, we sincerely pray that all Bodhisattvas and spiritual leaders will live long; that the war and pandemic will end soon and thus all beings on our precious earth may experience a state of normalcy once again.


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