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Summary of the KIBI Intensive Short Course -2018

December 10, 2018

Summary of the KIBI Intensive Short Course -2018

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Congratulation to all the students for passing KIBI Intensive Short Course 2018 examinations!

On 7 Dec, 2018, a month-long course had successfully come to an end after students received the completion certificates from KIBI Director Professor Sempa Dorje, which was a symbol of recognition for their hard work.

Simultaneously with the KIBI course designed for the lay people’s community, Khenchen Chodrak Tenphel Rinpoche conducted an intensive teaching seminar of the third Karmapa Rangjung Dorje’s the Profound Inner Meaning or Zabmo Nangdon (comprises the quintessential meaning of tantric teachings) from 7th Nov – 3rd Dec, 2018; this course was conferred in Tibetan language and requested by KIBI sanghas including fourteen monks and two lay devotees.

Here, we share with you a glimpse of this precious moment.Β 

KIBI Intensive Short Course was designed for those people who have limited time but wish to learn authentic traditional Dharma within a short period. It is primarily based on three topics: Abhidharma, instruction on stages of the path, and Buddha-nature – on top of that, the experienced teachers touched on a wide range of subjects. The emeritus Prof. Sempa Dorje, Khenpo Lobsang and Khenpo Tsering served as the main instructor for the lessons. All the classes were instructed in English, and some students reported that it was challenging to adapt to the Buddhist Hybrid English terminologies within such as a short duration.

In addition, the junior Khenpos namely Jignam, Karma Sherab, Rabsal Dawa, Ngawang Tharchen and Gonpo Tashi from Kalimpong Shedra conducted a bi-weekly group discussion in order to assist the students. It was held in a casual discussion format, where one could speak about various themes ranging from their studies to the atmosphere of Buddhist mandala. Β 

In order to combine our classroom learning experience with practice, the retreat lamas including Lama Thinley and Lama Tamding guided weekly group practice of Chenrezig Sadhana for the students. Β 

Weekend movie nights were organized in accordance with the students’ preference. Β β€œThe Tibetan Book of the Dead” – part I-III was selected by the class as a supplemental learning material during their leisure time.

The students also requested during the third week of the program for a special private audience as well as teachings from His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. For more information, please read KIBI’s previous post titled under γ€ŠKIBI Students audience with Karmapa》.

From December 3rd – 5thΒ  , the students took exams on all the three subjects for three successive days, and many of them realized test could served as a good moment of reflection on what they had learned so far.

This time the course was attended by thirteen students which included the part-time participants. The full-time students spend over a total of 53 hours of classes time and plus 9 hours of fruitful group discussion.

Overall, the course was meaningful; the students used their time wisely to learn. Teachers taught the Buddhism profoundly which now became a timeless imprint within the heart of receivers.

Some of the feedback from students:

β€œMost profound and timeless timeless teaching for us”. – Andreas Nowi, Germany

β€œThe course was an amazing learning experience, decent, dedicated teachers, and staffs.” – Aditya Sood, New Delhi

β€œIt was priceless, challenging and life changing. Thank you for proving that the Loving Kindness World, which I had been experiencing, does not need to be just a dream.”  – Weronika Maria, Poland

Written by Course Coordinator TsΓΆndru






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