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Happy Losar of the Wood-Dragon 2151

February 10, 2024

Happy Losar of the Wood-Dragon 2151

“Wishing everyone abundant prosperity and joy on the advent of the 17th Rabjung in the Wood-Dragon Year!
The tree bowing ’neath its bounteous fruits of quintessential nectar, a refined essence, trickling.
Humankind savouring a life serene, vying with a glorious royal realm.
Kindness and compassion, akin to the resounding roar of the dragon, a single white Remedy—
Through countless eons, may we delight in its abundance, without satiation!”

Yesterday, on the 30th of the Tibetan Calander, a thanksgiving especially for Mahakala (Tangrak) took place early in the morning, and a smoke puja was performed.

On today’s Losar day, we, KIBI’s Sangha, staff and students, celebrated by offering a mandala and ceremonial scarves to the Buddha, the thrones of His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa and His Holiness the 14th Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche. After extensive long-life prayers for our lineage masters and all bodhisattvas, we partook of saffron rice and butter tea.

We wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Tibetan New Year!




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