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The great occasion of divine descent

November 4, 2023

The great occasion of divine descent

Lhabab Duchen is the anniversary of the day when Buddha descended from the God Realm of the Thirty-three, where he had taught his mother the Dharma. After three months away, the Buddha’s return was a joyous occasion for countless disciples.

Lhabab Duchen is a Tibetan word, literally meaning “the great occasion of divine descent.” It is one of the four main sacred days of the Buddhist calendar on which we celebrate the Buddha’s life and teachings. Therefore, KIBI Sangha, staffs and students performed the Sixteen Arhat puja along with the recitation of aspirations and lighting of butter lamps. Later-on, the Mahakala puja with tsok offering was performed.

May all battles, famine, natural as well as man-made disasters end; may all sentient beings be happy and awaken soon!


On this auspicious day, Yap Tsering Dhondup requested the recitation of Monlam to KIBI sangha for the late Ven. Lama Donzang. Yap la also offered tea and sangha dhana to all the sangha.

Thank you!


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