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Mahakala Puja in KIBI, February 16-18

February 6, 2015

Mahakala Puja in KIBI, February 16-18

The public are warmly invited to a number of upcoming events at Karmapa International Buddhist Institute.

The annual 3-day Grand Mahakala Puja will be held at KIBI from February 16th – 18th (27th – 29th of the 12th month, according to the Tibetan calendar). Mahakala is the Dharma protector that is most closely connected with the Karma Kagyu lineage. Invoking Mahakala is thought to bestow the power to overcome obstacles in one’s life. The most important of the three days is February 18th because it is the transition between the previous year and the year to come. Attendees are therefore especially encouraged to attend this day, in order to invoke the power of Mahakala to remove obstacles in the coming year.

The puja will commence at 7am and go until 6pm each day, and will be held in the Lakhang (e.g. the main temple) at KIBI.

*Please note that the 7-day Drupcho Puja leading up to the Mahakala Puja that was previously to be held at KIBI has been cancelled and has instead be relocated to Sharminup Institute in Kathmandu.


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