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Translation signup for Karmapa Public Course 2023

Zoom webinar for all teachings: Spanish, German, French, Polish, Hungarian, Russian
Karmapa Teachings only: Chinese and Tibetan

Sorry we had previously shared the wrong webinar link.
This is the corrrect link:
Meeting ID: 865 2152 1815
Passcode: 825813

Please sign up here to receive updates on our Zoom webinar with simultaneous interpretation of the teachings. We are currently supporting Spanish, Russian, German, Polish, French, Hungarian, Chinese (for Karmapa’s teachings only), and English-Tibetan. If you can offer another language interpreter, please email Maria Camara at
English speakers please watch from KIBI’s youtube to prevent maxing out the limit of our Zoom webinar. Donations for this service can be made below. Thanks

Karmapa Public Course 2023: Subscribe for translation Zoom webinar

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