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Happy Losar of the Earth Male Dog year 2145

February 17, 2018

Happy Losar of the Earth Male Dog year 2145

Here some Glimpse picture of celebrating Tibetan new year (Losar) in our Karmapa International Buddhist Institute New Delhi.
14th Feb: Day time we are finished with our Mahakala Pujas with a Tsok offering, at night time, we made special Losar traditional thukpa known as “Guthuk” in Tibetan (Tibetan porridge) which include a different type of ingredient to symbolize the prosperousyears and to getting rid of negativities of the past year.

On 15th Feb: we started our day with Sang Pujas which is led by Venerable Nedo Rinpoche along with sangha of Karmapa International Buddhist Institute for the wellbeing of all sentient being.

16th Feb: It is considered a first day of Losar hence, Professor Sempa Dorjee will began the ceremony by lighting-a lamp and offering a khatag to the Buddha statue. Led by professor Sempa Dorje (KIBS President), the Sangha will recite auspicious prayers and offer mandala and khatag to His Holiness The 17th Gyalwa Karmapa throne followed by auspicious rice and tea were served at the gathering along with few games compettion between us.

We appreciate your presence and your keen interest in the practice of dharma. A heartfelt thanks to administration, all the staff, Sangha and our KIBI student.

Also, we would like to thank all the parcipant helper to make this program a successful one.

May this year of the Earth Male Dog year bring peace, good health and happiness to all.



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