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Conclusion of the 4th Public Meditation Course at K.I.B.I.

January 6, 2016

Conclusion of the 4th Public Meditation Course at K.I.B.I.

What better way to wrap up the old and ring in the New Year.The Public Meditation Course at K.I.B.I. remains an auspicious opportunity to listen to the Dharma, contemplate precious teachings, and practice in a supportive, powerful, and sacred environment. Here, away from the hustle and bustle of daily activities, participants have the opportunity to turn their minds towards the Dharma with one pointed focus and devotion.

K.I.B.I. first organized the Public Meditation Course in 2012, and the number of participants has increased from 85 participants to nearly 250, limited only by accommodation capacity. The course was developed in order for practitioners to learn the authentic Dharma under the guidance of experienced spiritual teachers and lineage holders. The structure of the course, with 4-5 daily sessions over a span of nine days, allows practitioners to develop the three higher trainings of discipline, meditation, and wisdom, the essence of all Dharma practice. This year, participants received teachings and instructions pertaining to Sojong, Ngondro, (with an emphasis on Dorje Sempa meditation), and Shine and also had the opportunity to practice individually or in group sessions. Participants are now admonished to diligently continue their practice throughout the year until the 5th Public Meditation Course commences in December 2016.

At the conclusion of this enlightening course, His Holiness, Gyalwa Karmapa, taught on Samanthabadra’s Aspiration Prayer, which was then recited by the group of participants. His Holiness then blessed each participant. Finally, His Holiness, Gyalwa Karmapa led a lamp-offering ceremony and individual lamps were lit, bestowing vast wishes for the benefit of all beings.


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