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How Can Buddhism Help Us to Avert the Crisis on Earth?333

November 8, 2013


As a parent I am terrified for our children and the world we are leaving them.…


How to Balance Practice and Mundane Life?333

November 6, 2013

Realisation of impermanence is an important part of building the motivation to practice. However, lay persons are mostly still caught up with work and family, and the time left for dharma study, inner reflection and meditation becomes little. …


How to Help My Mum Who is Dying of Cancer?333

November 1, 2013

I believe that when anyone is in this kind of condition – be it cancer or any other form of illness – in these difficult moments, I think there is only one thing that we can provide. …


Why is it So Important to Have a Spiritual Teacher?333

October 30, 2013


Is it necessary to practice the spiritual practice only under proper guidance by a teacher, or can we start on our own if we have faith in what we do?

If the beginning of all knowledge is to know …



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