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Non-Academic Studies

K.I.B.I. is an ideal place to study the profound Buddha Dharma, especially as it is transmitted in the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The 3-year Diploma in Buddhist Studies offers a carefully designed program to help students to establish a strong foundation in their understanding of various aspects of Buddhist teachings. This being said, not everyone is able to commit to the intensity or length of the program or may have more selective interests for their studies. Therefore, K.I.B.I. offers an opportunity to participate in the program as a non-academic student.


Visitors to K.I.B.I might be interested in seeing what kind of classes we offer, how they are taught, what the atmosphere is like, and get an idea of the class content. With verbal permission from the academic staff, Short-Term Visiting Guests may attend one day of classes as a trial period.

Long-Term Non-Academic Studies

Long-Term Guests (Non-Academic Students) are requested to formally register by filling out the application form (link to direct download >>). They are requested to commit to at least one week of studies at K.I.B.I..

Non-Academic Students can choose to stay and study at K.I.B.I. for one week, several months, a semester, an entire academic year, or even several years. During the course of their studies, they may choose to study subjects according to their areas of interest.  Please note, however, that if a particular upper-level course has pre-requisites, Non-Academic Students must fulfill the pre-requisites before being admitted to the class.


Guests and Non-Academic Students are not permitted to disturb the academic environment of classes, i.e., by asking questions that are irrelevant to the topic, talking or being disruptive during class, arriving late, leaving early, etc. See the policy for Guest Students (direct link >>) for detail.

Please Note: Individuals accepted as Guest Students will be given lodging and board subject to availability. Priority for lodging and board is given to academic students accepted to the program. All students admitted to the Institute must abide by KIBI’s rules and regulations.  The K.I.B.I Office has the right to refuse or revoke permission to Guests to attend classes at any time.

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