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KIBI Library

DSCF4302Welcome to KIBI Library!

Karmapa International Buddhist Institute is a place of academic studies and individual learning, reflecting and meditating, and our library is one of the heart elements of the Institute. Here, located on the 1st floor, next to the classrooms, office and cafeteria, you’ll find books and magazines comprising all Buddhist fields of knowledge as well as related subjects, such as language, art and comparative material. Furthermore, there are computers for research available for your use, which are connected to a variety of online platforms, providing the students with high quality academic essays and other useful links (e.g. to translating groups such as tbrc and 84.000, which in turn grant access to the most up-to-date translations of Tibetan and Sanskrit texts). Apart from hard copy books and magazines, online access to academic articles and research material will be provided (hard copies of academic studies will be available soon).

In the Tibetan section you will find a treasure for all Buddhist libraries: two complete volumes of the Kangyur and Tengyur: one being a set of the Derge edition in pecha format, which was brought to KIBI by the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa. The other one is the Pedurma edition (dpe bsdur ma) from 2001 in book format, based on the Derge version but with references to other publications.

What we have

The following list intends to offer you an overview of the available material. However, we would like to invite you to browse our online catalogue, which you will find here >> Enjoy!

  • Many philosophical works, e.g . the Five Treatises of Maitreya, the Four Philosophical Schools (Siddhanta Systems), Tsema
  • Particular Mahayana teachings, e.g. Lamrim and Tenrim, Lodjong (Mind Training)
  • Buddhist Tantra
  • Lineage specific teachings
  • History (of lineages, life stories; general History of Buddhism in India, Tibet, and other countries)
  • Reference material, Buddhist studies, comparative works, scholarly perspective publications
  • Non-Buddhist subjects (different philosophies, religions, science and scientific approaches)
  • Language material (classical and colloquial Tibetan, Sanskrit, Pali, Hindi, etc.)
  • Buddhist Art
  • Tibetan medicine and astrology
  • Magazines
  • Tibetan language section, incl. the Derge edition of the Kangyur and Tengyur
  • Further material for KIBI students.
  • News